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The baby swimming course

Babies (4 weeks to 1.5 years)

Babies who can not yet sit, crawl or walk, train with the help of parents, under the guidance of the swimming instructor, motor skills and balance and learn to move playfully in three-dimensional space, the water. Treat yourself and your child to this fun and enjoy the joy your child has!

Toddlers (1.5 years to 2.5 years)

Advanced babies (also new beginners) practice using water wings, moving independently in the water and learn playful aids for self-rescue by jumping from the edge of the pool and small diving exercises. Keep this pleasure in the water for you and your child!

Course duration

The complete baby course includes 20 hours.

(20×30 minutes)


1 swimming instructor for 5-9 babies
and toddlers and one parent each.


Familiarization with water up to independent movement with swimming wings;

three-dimensional movement exercises;

Parent-child gymnastics to stimulate movement and perfect body control;

Water jumping, diving exercises to forward movement above and under water.

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09:30 Babys09:30 Kleinkinder09:30 Kleinkinder
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10:45 Babys10:30 Kleinkinder10:30 Babys10:30 Babys
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11:45 Babys11:30 Babys11:30 Babys11:30 Babys11:30 Babys
12:15 Babys12:00 Babys
17:00 Kleinkinder
17:30 Kleinkinder17:45 Babys17:45 Kleinkinder16:15 Kleinkinder
16:45 Kleinkinder15:45 Kleinkinder
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