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Our swimming school

The 1st Berlin children – swimming school exists since 1970 and has just as long experience in baby – children and adult – swimming lessons.

Our well-trained and empathic teachers form a dedicated, dynamic and approachable team.

In small groups, a pleasant and positive learning atmosphere is created, making it easy for students to achieve their goals. The learning pace is adapted to the existing knowledge and skills. The water temperature of 33 degrees Celsius is particularly pleasant.

Book a free trial lesson without obligation and let us convince you!

1. Berliner Kinderschwimmschule

We have different courses on offer. These include the groups of babies (from 4 weeks), toddlers and children.

Feel free to contact us by phone for a brief consultation on which course would be optimal for you or your child.


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Free trial lesson

The first hour is a trial period and is completely free of charge and without obligation.


We provide all the necessary swimming aids.

  • Plantagenstraße 2,
    12169 Berlin - Steglitz

  • nearby S+U Rathaus Steglitz
  • Busconnection:
    Plantagenstraße (282,M82,284)

Berliner Sparkasse

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