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The children’s swimming course

Preparation group (2.5 years to 3.5 years)

These groups are conducted together with a parent and are offered exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays! They are to be understood as preparation for the children’s course and especially reserved for children who still need the proximity to their parents. Guided by the swimming instructor, the children playfully practice the handling of the water and learn the first swimming movements with the aim of changing to the regular children’s course without parental accompaniment.

Children (from 3 years)

In the children’s course the lessons take place without parents! The children (depending on the size of the group) are supervised intensively and individually by 1-2 swimming instructors, whereby the fun factor should not be neglected. The goal of the course is free swimming and the examination for the seahorse badge; on request also for the youth swimming badge bronze or silver (free swimmer and travel swimmer).

Course duration

17 x 45 minutes

At choice fixed or variable date.

With intensive course also possible several times a week.


1 teacher up to 9 children

2 teachers up to 12 children


Free swimming, taking exams on request up to the seahorse as well as to the youth swimming badge in: Bronze, Silver, or free or driving swimmer exam.
09:30 Vorbereitungsgruppe
10:15 Vorbereitungsgruppe
12:00 Vorbereitungsgruppe
12:30 Vorbereitungsgruppe12:45 Kinder
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14:00 Kinder14:00 Kinder14:00 Kinder14:00 Kinder14:00 Kinder14:00 Kinder14:15 Kinder
14:45 Kinder14:45 Kinder14:45 Kinder14:45 Kinder14:45 Kinder14:45 Kinder15:00 Kinder
15:30 Kinder15:30 Kinder15:30 Kinder15:30 Kinder15:30 Kinder15:30 Kinder
16:15 Kinder16:15 Kinder16:15 Kinder16:15 Kinder16:15 Kinder16:15 Kinder
17:00 Kinder17:00 Kinder17:00 Kinder17:00 Kinder17:15 Kinder17:00 Kinder
18:00 Kinder17:45 Kinder17:45 Kinder18:00 Kinder17:45 Kinder
18:45 Kinder18:15 Kinder18:30 Kinder18:15 Kinder18:30 Kinder18:45 Kinder18:30 Kinder
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